What is erection and how to maintain it at the proper level?

Erection provides a complete intimacy, which is an important part of our lives. We need to know the physiology of such complex process, as erection, this will facilitate the understanding of the problems. The scientific definition of erection – claims that this is a process in which the penis grows in volume and becomes rigid to such an extent that person is able to provide normal sexual act.

At the heart of erection is the whole complex of psychological and physiological processes. To better understand the physiology of erection, we elaborate on the structure of the penis. The main body of a man consists of three bodies of longitudinal type that are filled with spongy tissue, increasing in volume with supplied blood. Around these spongy bodies there are located very small blood vessels. Two longitudinal cavernous bodies from the outer side of the penis during erection become elastic and firmness. The inner cavernous body is located around the urethra, passing into the head of the penis. It is worth noting that every man has his physiological limit, within which rises and grows penis. This is due to individual sizes of the penis, the sheath of which limits erection in specific size. What processes can affect erection?

An erection is caused by the central and peripheral nervous system, as well as smooth muscle of the penis arteries. And it happens all the way. A certain part of the brain is responsible for erection and libido, and analyzes all the visual, tactile and auditory sexual impulses and transmits them to the spinal cord responsible for erection process. Another very common and effective way to treat ED is sildenafil citrate which is sold in form of Viagra Canada online. Viagra provides temporary solution for stronger erection state.

The brain directs erection and cardio-vascular system is a performer - on the state and health depends on how the heart provides the blood supply of the penis. If you have problems with your heart or vascular system, blood flow to the penis is worse, which can lead to erectile impairment.

When the penis is at rest, the pressure is small. Sexual arousal can increase blood flow to the genitals more than twenty times. Pressure increases, resulting in penile tissue in a state of high pressure squeezing the veins, which give an elaborate blood. Compressed vein narrow, while continuing to pass about 12 ml of blood for every minute. An erection is supported by the fact that blood to the penis is supplied at the same speed. This provides the elasticity of the penis during sexual intercourse.

Men should understand that erection problems may have very different basis. To understand the current problems can help only a specialist, that's why, when noticing erectile dysfunction - first go to the doctor and he will be able to determine the cause of ED and to designate a course of treatment.