Vascular causes of erectile dysfunction

Vascular causes of erectile dysfunction are one of the most common groups of reasons. As we have said, during a normal erection to the penis inflows much strong arterial blood and blood flow through the veins is almost completely blocked.

Hence, there are two main types of vascular disorders in erectile dysfunction - insufficient arterial inflow and excessive discharge of blood through the veins of the penis. In the first case occurs long and painful erection of rarely very good quality, and often the penis is in a kind of intermediate position between the state of calm and excitement. In the event of venous block conversely, stimulation of the penis occurs rapidly, an erection is very good, but very quickly passes, not allowing to complete sex intercourse and sometimes, even, to start having sex.

These disorders may occur in diseases such as endarteritis, atherosclerosis of aorta and large arteries, aortic aneurysm, varicose veins, resulting in various injuries to the pelvic area and groin. Unfortunately, the causes of violations of the vascular mechanism of erection now have not been studied well enough so that you can’t in each case to identify the root cause of the problem that caused the violation of erectile function. But even in such cases doctors oftern prescribe Viagra for men pften can be found at VGR Canada, which is a brand name for sildenafil citrate - a component that makes erection stronger. Also, it should be mentioned problems with erectile dysfunction due to hypertension and diabetes.

Erectile dysfunction may be associated with different groups of causes - neurological, vascular, medicines and local. This makes the treatment of erectile problems in these diseases is extremely difficult.

Also say a few words about erectile dysfunction in chronic prostatitis. On the one hand, it is due to a general depletion of the body and largely psychological factors - for prostatitis, as we know, often leads to the development of major depression in men. On the other hand, problems with erectile dysfunction in chronic prostatitis can be caused by an inflammatory process involving a nerve bundles responsible for erection, which pass through the prostate gland. In order to restore normal erectile function, you must completely cure the disease, or at least make it stable remission. Ideally, such patients after treatment must consult a sexologist.

There are also various topical causes of ED. They are different in origin factors, but they all lead to hardening of the corpora cavernosa. In this case thin elastic tissue of cavernous bodies partially or completely replaced by coarse hard connective tissue, are not able to provide an erection. This can cause penile injury, multiple injections into the penis, which was deferred priapism (painful prolonged not passing and not associated with sexual arousal erection). Hardening of the erectile tissue can also cause frequent overextended sexual acts, in which man, in order to deliver his beloved the greatest pleasure by all possible means delays ejaculation and sexual intercourse lasts more than 4 hours. This practice can’t be considered useful from different points of view, including its effects on the tissues of the penis can not be called positive.