Weak erection: what to do?

Weakening of erection! Every time this happens - the man panics. In today's world there are a lot of reasons for erection problems and most of them can be solved. But first, let's make it clear what it means a weak erection. Weak erection - inability of men to complete sexual act and reach sexual, mutual satisfaction. It is a scientific, adopted in the medical environment, designation of the problem. In practice, the man may find that a weak erection - is any manifestation of sexual weakness: lack of hardness of the penis in erection or short duration of sexual intercourse. However, it is understood that both the first and second sign of weakness may be caused by many reasons, quite different nature and the onset of the weak erection, as a permanent state of reproductive system.

The main reasons for weak erection:

* Physiological causes of weak erection

Diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart diseases, problems with the influx of venous blood to the vessels of the penis, disturbances of the endocrine glands, the decline in testosterone hormone in the body, pituitary tumor, and many others. Here can be also related various injuries of hips and direct genital organs. In order to find out the reasons you should see a doctor, who will reveal the real cause of the weak erection. And if the cause lies in the field of physiology, then he will prescribe appropriate treatment.

* Psychological causes of weak erection

Stress, tension, incompatibility of psychological portraits of partners. Psychological causes often act as an oppressor of libido in male psychology, and do not allow an erection to be inadequate.

* External causes of weak erection

In this category can be safely attributed alcoholism, smoking and drug use. Eating high-cholesterol diet. The general state of the environment. All of these factors can lead to weak erections

What to do with weak erection?

At the first sign of weak erection you should consult a qualified doctor. Physicians have to find a reason for changing the state of erection, and diagnosis. Self-diagnosis is not the right decision, even if, on all grounds, weak erection is the result of stress, better to turn to psychologist, sexologist or urologist.